Happy Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday Katherine and Amber!

Katherine had a great couple of birthday parities while she was here at Grandma's. The kids took a whack at her High School Musical Pinata and there was candy galore! Then she opened her gifts and had birthday cake.

On the actual day.......Jan.4th, we went to church and Mom and Dad K. came over for dinner. We had a pajama party all day long! Mom made me awesome hot pads and Greg spoiled me with more clothes and shoes. Later that night, JW and Jen stopped by and spoiled me even more. Mom and Dad D. got me a new wallet and gift card for a movie. JW's family gave me a book by Richard Paul Evans. ( I love his books!) Baden and Tiff gave me a gift card to Outback Steak House. Yummmm..........our favorite! I had neighbors and friends pop in with some really heartfelt homemade gifts. Thanks Welburns, and Steeles!

It was a great day. I love birthdays when you get to visit with family and friends.