A week with Chezney

This week we were able to hang out with Chezney for about a week. We had a blast. We were able to feed the cows with Uncle Greg, play for hours and hours with her "baby", and play with Grandma and Grandpa. She fed South, their dog and "cutest little momma kitty cat". She even spent the afternoon with Baby Taden, Uncle Baden and Aunt Tiffany. She kept us all hopping.
We loved having bath time. I think that she had at least two a day. She is a very good eater, eating everything that we cooked. I think the think that I loved the most was reading stories before bedtime and hearing her sweet little voice repeat our night time prayers. They were such tender moments. Thanks for coming and staying with us Chezney. We love you!!!!

Happy Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday Katherine and Amber!

Katherine had a great couple of birthday parities while she was here at Grandma's. The kids took a whack at her High School Musical Pinata and there was candy galore! Then she opened her gifts and had birthday cake.

On the actual day.......Jan.4th, we went to church and Mom and Dad K. came over for dinner. We had a pajama party all day long! Mom made me awesome hot pads and Greg spoiled me with more clothes and shoes. Later that night, JW and Jen stopped by and spoiled me even more. Mom and Dad D. got me a new wallet and gift card for a movie. JW's family gave me a book by Richard Paul Evans. ( I love his books!) Baden and Tiff gave me a gift card to Outback Steak House. Yummmm..........our favorite! I had neighbors and friends pop in with some really heartfelt homemade gifts. Thanks Welburns, and Steeles!

It was a great day. I love birthdays when you get to visit with family and friends.

Family Christmas Party

Our family party this year was a few days after Christmas. We wanted to wait for Bill and Shellie to join us from Albuquerque. It was a great time as usual. It was great seeing everyone. Greg had to work this year and we sure did miss him!!!!!!! We had a yummy dinner thanks to Mom and Doreen. The homemade soups were delicious. We had fresh rolls, salad and tons of holiday goodies.

We went on a caroling hay ride and looked at the lights around town. Jason even graced us with his version of the Nutcracker Ballet. As you can imagine.........it was quite a show. We pulled the kids on sleds behind the trailer and they put their surfing skills to test. When we made it home, we warmed up hot chocolate and warmed right up.

Later that night we opened white elephant gifts and exchanged family gifts. Mom and Dad went above and beyond this year. The hand pieced and tied quilts for every member of the family. I loved seeing everyone bundled up in their quilts. It was like Grandpa and Grandma's love was wrapped around everyone.

We ended the night and went our separate ways, feeling love and blessed having the family that we do.

Ho Ho Ho!!!

For Christmas this year, we stayed home. It was such a beautiful day. The snow was thick and falling so softly. We opened gifts,(We were totally spoiled again this year!) and then headed up to Grandma and Grandpa K's.

There, we were totally lazy. We played our new board games, Pictionary Man, Phase 10 Twist and Yatzee Free for All. We pigged out on all of the neighborhood goodies and watched Christmas movies. Have you ever seen the show "The Christmas Shoes"? Well, we watched that one and let me tell ya, It was a boober! I don't reccomend it unless you have some tissue available. I think mom could have went through a whole box herself. :)

Grandma and Grandpa D. called us, and we went and spent a little time with them as well, then they headed up to JW and Jen's house to see the kids.

The day was perfect. Not a care in the world. I love to imagine that day so long ago, that a little baby was brought into this world. That little baby, changed everything!

Christmas Vacation

We just got home from our family Christmas trip. We went to New York City for a few days and then up to Woodstock, Vermont. It was beautiful at this time of year! We were able to see a ton of sights and spend great time with our loved ones.

In New York, we were able to see the Rockettes perform and it was magnificant! The visual effects were breath taking and we even got snowed on at one point. I dare say that it was as good as a Broadway Play! We also saw several sites such as the Empire State Building, the Rockafeller Tree, Statue of Liberty and FAO Schwartz toy store. We took a stroll through Central Park and walked Time Square. One of my favorite things we did was looked at all of the store windows and did a little shopping at Macy's. The windows were amazing and full of life. We also took the subway to Coney Island and had a famous NATHAN'S HOT DOG!!!!! It was worth the trip. Yummy!

From there, we headed up to Vermont. We love Vermont!!!!!! Mom saw an article about a Wassil Festival in Woodstock, so........away we went. They had a horse parade and sang carols on the town green while warming up to a yule log fire. It was very magical and quite relaxing. We hung out by the fire place and played games. We also tried our hand at ice skating. As you can see, Greg stole the show again! But hey, what ever works. From there, we headed to Boston to catch our flight home. Boston was a gorgeous city during the holidays. The homes were draped with fresh pine garlands and wreaths and the planter boxes were filled with all sorts of holiday greens and berries. It was a designers delight!

Needless to say, we had a blast. It was a holiday that we will cherish forever. We are so grateful for family and the blessings that we have.