Ho Ho Ho!!!

For Christmas this year, we stayed home. It was such a beautiful day. The snow was thick and falling so softly. We opened gifts,(We were totally spoiled again this year!) and then headed up to Grandma and Grandpa K's.

There, we were totally lazy. We played our new board games, Pictionary Man, Phase 10 Twist and Yatzee Free for All. We pigged out on all of the neighborhood goodies and watched Christmas movies. Have you ever seen the show "The Christmas Shoes"? Well, we watched that one and let me tell ya, It was a boober! I don't reccomend it unless you have some tissue available. I think mom could have went through a whole box herself. :)

Grandma and Grandpa D. called us, and we went and spent a little time with them as well, then they headed up to JW and Jen's house to see the kids.

The day was perfect. Not a care in the world. I love to imagine that day so long ago, that a little baby was brought into this world. That little baby, changed everything!